Dear Customer,


       Thank you for your ongoing trust and support for RHINOTECH INC. Recently, due to the significant increase in bandwidth costs from China Mobile International Limited (CMI) and the substantial increase in electricity costs by Hong Kong's China Light & Power Company since January 1, 2023, we have had to make the difficult decision to adjust the prices of some of our products. We deeply apologize for this and hope for your understanding. The adjusted prices will take effect on May 1, 2023, with the following specific plan:

     1. The selling prices of 20Mbps series products under the "Hong Kong Dedicated Servers【GIA+VIP】" lines will remain unchanged, but the unit price for bandwidth upgrades will be adjusted from 55 HKD/Mbps to 160 HKD/Mbps. The 50Mbps/100Mbps series products will be discontinued. If you need a larger bandwidth, please choose to upgrade the bandwidth based on the 20Mbps series products.


    2. For customers who have already purchased 50Mbps/100Mbps series products, the renewal will be executed at the adjusted price. The upgraded part will enjoy a 20% discount (i.e., the unit price for upgrading bandwidth will be calculated as 160 * 80% = 128 HKD/Mbps/month).


    3. The "Hong Kong Dedicated Servers(BGP)High bandwidth" line will cancel all direct routes to Mainland China and switch to international carrier exit routes. 


          Best regards,


             April 27, 2023

Thursday, April 27, 2023

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